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My first entry

09/05/2009 - 16:18 | KazuharuN

Hi,all !!

My name is Kazuharu ,31 years old Japanese male.I live in the north-side of tokyo since I was born.

What I like to do in my free time are(is?) playing video games, reading manga comics,and making computer graphics.

I studied English conversation at Gaba(It`s one of the English conversation school in Japan) for my future travel,

but now I stay off studying English.

If you're a Japanese learner, I might help you.









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My Thoughts on Learning German

09/04/2009 - 21:00 | DanMicci

I wrote this essentially as an introduction to an independent study on languages that I did. I hope that you find enjoyment in this! Feel free to contact me with questions about language learning!  Or contact me via Skype for fun! I can't seem to find the post for this as English. So my apologies for listing it as German.

are the means in which we communicate ideas, expressions, feelings, and
everything that we find important. Therefore, the words we speak and write help
provide us with some place in the world. They give us the ability to become
unique individuals with voices of our own. The purpose of language is not the
words themselves, but the meaning behind the words spoken.

            To embrace
this new understanding, I will investigate new methods to give German language
meaning, to make it living. German-speaking natives will create most of the
text that I will be using. Thus, each word will be from the voice of a unique
individual. I believe that by creating a relationship and having conversations
with each person, I will discover how people might be continents apart, yet
they really are no different in terms of humanity - even with the differences
unique to each culture.

            Thus, this
study could never be rote learning. Instead, I will use more modern resources
to further my understanding. The internet provides countless resources to
develop a more global understanding. Through emails, written chats, spoken
chats, and other online foreign language help, I will be able to essentially
create my own virtual immersion. In addition, both German films and German
songs will provide me with additional perspectives of German culture.

My progress will not be measured
through quizzes and tests. Rather, I will measure my progress through
reflecting upon my own understanding. To provide an idea of my progress, I will
write about how many words I am looking up in translations, my confidence in
speaking and writing, how well I understand movies and films, and every German
piece that I will write will have extensive corrections showing my errors and
needs for improvement. In addition, I will ask for written feedback and
suggestions from those helping me with this process. The binder will be
primarily written in German to reflect upon my self-immersion into learning the

            With this
study, I will improve my ability to communicate in German and further my
already existing four years of classroom knowledge. I will admit that numerous
times people have asked me, “Why German? What’s the point?” I, too, have asked
myself this question. While learning German has some specific advantages,
frankly it is by no means a universal language. In addition, those that speak
German, often know a fair basis of English.

So why should I put countless hours
and energy into producing this study? It is simply because of the people. With
German, one encounters unique and specific grammatical principles that make the
language particularly challenging for non-native speakers to understand. But
when one starts understanding the unique qualities that German offers, one sees
that the language developed from traditional and cultural practices. By
studying the language, one develops a general understanding of these customs. I
find these customs particularly important in processing an understanding of
western civilization because of Germany’s
long existence as an influential power in the world.       

A large part of this study will be
based on a mission easy to understand, but difficult to experience: exploring
language and how it creates our place in the world.  

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Two languages sought

09/04/2009 - 18:16 | Calola


can you tell me where in my account I can mark two languages as "sought"? I´ve seen that some members have more than one language sought in their profile, but up to now I haven´t found a way to do the same thing. Can you help me?



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09/04/2009 - 09:57 | da hsia
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09/04/2009 - 05:57 | BrianPike








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Algo que no había visto antes

09/04/2009 - 04:40 | ShirleyChang

Hoy, ví una taxista.........¡que era una MUJER!

No sé si ustedes sientan lo igual que yo (es decir, sorprendida pero intrigada), pero nunca en mi vida entera he visto una taxista femenina!  Ni en Australia y Hong Kong ni en algún otros países que he estado.  Fui interesante verlo, jejeje.

¿Alguna vez habías visto?

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language exchange

09/03/2009 - 22:48 | DONXIE

你好 !  我在臺灣 ! 希望跟英文及日本語系國家的朋友做語言交換! 我會說英文及日文

Hello!  I am from  Taiwan!  hope to makes  language exchange with English and the Japanese language native friends!  I speak English and  Japanese .

こんにちは! 私は台湾人! 希望は英語および日本語と言語交換をする! 私は英語および日本語を話

    pls contact  my           skybe : hsieh1369                                 msn :

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language exchange

09/03/2009 - 22:44 | DONXIE

你好 !  我在臺灣 ! 希望跟英文及日本語系國家的朋友做語言交換! 我會說英文及日文

Hello!  I am from  Taiwan!  hope to makes  language exchange with English and the Japanese language native friends!  I speak English and  Japanese .

こんにちは! 私は台湾人! 希望は英語および日本語と言語交換をする! 私は英語および日本語を話



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First a little bit about myself... Un poco de mi... wer bin ich!

09/02/2009 - 23:59 | JoelBohórquez

My name is Joel and I am 27 years old. I decided to be part of this comunity because I was looking for a partner to speak and practice German, but it is being difficult to learn German because of my many occupations and I decided to keep practicing my English, which is fairly good. I saw that I could be useful to help others to learn Spanish and I realize how frustrating is when one wants to learn another language but there is no people out there, willing to help you learn their native language, because as for me, it has been very hard to find german people to practice, maybe because our time difference. I want to be useful to others... So, I am willing to help you and maybe you can help me to learn this very interesting language.


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09/02/2009 - 16:03 | Akiko_Meguro


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